Coming Full Circle When a Key Recruiting Sector Is Down

“Organizations and their talent needs are complex and they get more complex with every day that passes. The key to success in recruiting is truly understanding the strategic, operational, and cultural challenges that our clients face.”


Originally published by Hunt Scanlon Media – Christopher W. Hunt, Publisher and Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief

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October 21, 2016 –  Over the last two years, the energy industry has suffered some of its most significant losses. The rapid price decline in crude oil has been staggering and, with it, jobs have been adversely affected. One search firm with a front row seat to both the energy sector and its impact on talent is Houston-based Alder Koten. Although the firm is well diversified in the industrial and consumer products sectors, it has been highly active in energy since its founding in 2013.

In the following interview, Jose Ruiz, the firm’s CEO and managing partner, talks openly about the energy sector and its challenges. He addresses its various components — and despite the downturn in oil & gas, he outlines how Alder Koten has been able to post double-digit growth despite the industry’s overall slide. Mr. Ruiz also addresses the talent issues facing Mexico where Alder Koten has strong corporate ties. And he shares his thoughts on C-level recruitment, including in the automotive industry which, in Mexico, is seen as an exporter of talent. Finally, Mr. Ruiz comes full circle with a look at board recruitment, a hallmark of Alder Koten, and what comprises an effective board candidate today.

Prior to launching Alder Koten, Mr. Ruiz spend nearly five years with Heidrick & Struggles as a principal in the firm’s global industrial practice based in Houston and Monterrey, Mexico, where he served as a member of the firm’s CEO, CIO and supply chain and operations functional practices.

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